Italian influence on the codification movement.

On Thursday 3 Nov 2011, we will hold the annual ARIA event on institutional design and reform. See flyer, go to event

While we try to keep it close to 2 June, for the Festa della Repubblica, the date has slipped somewhat in the past two years. This year, we have a Panel that comprises of:

Chair: Hon Chris Sumner
Panel: Prof Paul Fairall; Dr Andrew Cannon; Dr Alessandra Baratti
Date: Thurs, 3 Nov 2011, 5:30 for 5:45-7:15 pm
Where:  University of South Australia, School of Law. Corner Hindley & George St, Adelaide

The Italian influence comes through Zanardelli, Minister of Justice and later Prime Minister of Italy, who also fought in the Risorgimento. He wrote the criminal code that was then the inspiration for Sir Samuel Griffith’s drafting of the QLD Code. Andrew Cannon can give useful insights from a Magistrate’s perspective and Alessandra Baratti will provide the historical context for Zanardelli’s work and his influence on the Italian legal system/profession. FREE Entrance, light refreshments provided, please send RSVP.

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