• Thursday 29 August 2013, from 6 – 7:30pm, Location: Marjoribanks 126 SANTOS Lecture Theatre, Level 1, 10 Pulteney Str. (Corner Nth Terrace/Pulteney), Adelaide
  • The English language debate has been about when/how the Euro-$ would collapse, but in other cultures it has been about doing what was needed to keep it together. It was the same in the mid 90s on whether the European Monetary Union would be created at all. Well, the challenges are not over yet. And Italy is a major node of the challenges!
  • On. Marco Fedi talks about how policy makers have met the challenges so far, and what they see as the path ahead. This will be followed by a brief investment outlook by Darryl Gobbett, Chief Economist and Adviser at Prescott Securities.
  • Marco Fedi has served as Member and Secretary to the Italian Parliamentary Committees on Foreign Affairs and the European Union from June 2006 to March 2013. He is a member of the Democratic Party, representing the electorate of Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Antarctic.  He was first elected to the Italian Parliament in April 2006.  He was born in Italy and migrated to Australia (first Adelaide, then Melbourne) at the age of 25. All along, he has worked in welfare and community organisations such as FilefCoAsItCGIE. You can read his blog.
  • Places are limited, please Register Online by COB Monday, 26.08.2013.
  • Free Entrance, Light Refreshments and Drinks will be provided
  • Organised by The Faculty of the Professions of The University of Adelaide, and the Association for Research between Italy and Australia-South Australian branch (ARIA-SA). See flyer
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