Forums at Italian Carnevale, Adelaide Showground, on Saturday-Sunday 8-9 February 2014

Forums: informative, fun, even tasty – and FREE, with entrance to Carnevale. Location: Adelaide Showground, on the Hamilton Blvd lawns, under a comfortable marquee. 

Saturday 8. February 2014:

  • 1.00pm: “Spaghetti Westerns: Trent’anni di colt e maccheroni”, Dr. Luciana D’Arcangeli & Alessandro Vecchiarelli expertly present thirty years of Italian westerns Hollywood style.
  • 3.00pm: “Spark of Genius”, Prof. Marcello Costa, Discover the rivalry and everlasting impact of two Italian pioneers in electricity – Volta and Galvani
  • 5-30pm: “A tour of Italian cheeses”, Gina Graham (Dal Santo), Head Cheese Maker, will talk us through – and give a taste of – beautiful cheeses from across Italy

Sunday 9. February 2014:

  • 2.30pm: “Regional breads of Italy”, Paolo Triglau, TAFESA, will show how to prepare the breads and will give us some tastings from his award winning skills
  • 5.30pm: “The art and science of growing your own food“, Francesco Virgara of Virgara’s Gardens, found at farmers markets at Wayville, Victor Harbor, Willunga; Kate Punshon, recently on the ABC TV Gardening Show (her recipes for preserving artichokes, garlic, etc); Dr. Tina Bianco-Miotto, on the importance of diet (“It’s all about what mum and grandma ate!”); Dr. Carolyn Schultz, on edible Australian native plants, as well as food and nutrition in general.
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