Winners: ARIA-SA/IBF Research Travel Support Award to Italy

  •   Mr Stefano Bona (PhD student, School of Humanities and Creative Arts, Faculty of Education, Humanities and Law, Flinders University), research topic: “Representation of China on Italian screens after 1949: Cultural, Economic and Ideological Implications”. He will go to Milan and Venice in June 2014, where he will present papers at conferences (European Network for Cinema and Media studies and the International Conference on Academic Disciplines), as well as to Crema, Ferrara, Rome to visit groups and film archives for gathering material for his research and explore collaborations. More about the research of Mr Stefano Bona.
  • Mr David Hobbs (PhD student, Medical Device Research Institute, School of Computer Science Engineering and Mathematics, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Flinders University), research topic: “Development of a novel system to improve the sense of touch in the hands of children with cerebral palsy”. This research, done together with the Women’s and Children’s Health Network, Women’s and Children’s Hospital Campus, North Adelaide had a patent filed recently and has attracted interest from a research group at the Dept. of Developmental Neuroscience, Univ. of Pisa. Mr. Hobbs has been invited to go to Pisa to present his work and explore possible collaborations. More about the research of Mr David Hobbs.

This Award is possible through the generosity of the Italian Benevolent Foundation (IBF) in Adelaide and funds within ARIA-SA, Adelaide. The awardees will give a talk about their research/experience to an upcoming ARIA-SA event in 2014.

Purpose of the award: to attract students and postgrad fellows to pursue research that involves interaction with Italian universities and research institutions. The aim is to foster further research collaboration between Italy and Australia. The Financial support (up to $750) may be provided for travel (economy return airfare, other travel expenses), conference registration fee and/or accommodation.

Congratulations again to the winners!


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