Helping children with cerebral palsy; Italian filmmakers in China

Hosted by the Flinders Law School:

 Outcomes of ARIA-SA Awards for Research Travel to Italy

Tuesday 26 May 2015; 6.00pm – 7.30pm; Flinders University, Victoria Square (Level 2) An event presented by the Association for Research between Italy and Australia (ARIA-SA) and the Italian Benevolent Foundation (IBF)

DavidHobbsB.jsp novel computer game controller“Harnessing technology to improve how children with cerebral palsy use their hands”

Mr David Hobbs Lecturer/PhD Candidate | The Medical Device Research Institute (MDRI) | Flinders University

David’s PhD work is the design, development and trial of an accessible gaming system that enables children with cerebral palsy who have a hand impairment to trial a new form of therapy. His presentation will focus on the system design and outcomes, and the groups he met with in Italy in September last year.

“Looking into cinematic otherness: Italian filmmakers in China and the case of Carlo Lizzani’s La muraglia cinese / Behind theGreat Wall (1957)”.

Mr Stefano Bona PhD Student | School of Humanities and Creative Arts | Flinders University

In 2014, Italy and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) signed an important film co-production agreement. What happened before that? And, more generally, how did western directors experience the film production of films in an independent China after its foundation in 1949? Italian filmmakers were among the first to have such an opportunity, with Carlo Lizzani being the first western director allowed to shoot a feature documentary in the PRC in as early as 1956. This presentation will give an in-depth account of his work, based on data collected through archival research in Italy in 2014.

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